• Beech Essence (10ml)

Also known as "Eleemosynary" Essence.  The essence of the way of relating and accepting all things; to live by Faith.

Use this essence when dealing with the things that prevent us going with the flow of charitable work; it is for all people who work with others out of their generosity of spirit. It works to peel away arrogance, superiority, irritability and fault-finding. It allows the "Chrone" to truly be her charitable self, and to boost her energies when she is not feeling so charitable, and when people ask too much of her.
Physical uses - For speech impediments, lisps, etc.; as an expectorant; can be add to a poultice for swellings; helps 'clear the air' and provides a healing environment in sick rooms. If used when meditating it helps the person to go within to find the source of the problem that ails them, and gives them strength to deal with it.

Beech Essence (10ml)

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