• Birch Essence (10ml)

The essence of support

This essence is drawn from the graceful Birch Tree, and also from the “Katabatic Wind” - the icy winter wind. The Birch has been used to make brooms in the past - and still takes the energy of a problem and gets rid of it’s cause, so it can be swept away. Can be used when doing a Chiron Healing® “sweep”. Helpful when there are physical ‘seizures’. Use on the affected area in RSI (repetitive strain injury). For bloating. On deeper levels can be used for whenever “What if” becomes “What is”; wrap around like a mantle if you need to step into something you are unsure you can handle; it is the ‘Essence of Support’ which strengthens the Pattern so it can hold the weight of what IS.

Birch Essence (10ml)

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