The Back Vitalizer™ stops nagging back pain when sitting in as little as three seconds!

The Back Vitalizer™ is an amazingly effective air cushion where gentle and on-going movement of air is transmitted to the body structure.  This unlocks the tension and almost instantly stops the pain. Used by thousands of health professionals and people with back pain from around the world the Back Vitalizer™ gives quick and effective relief from pain.  It means that you can start sitting down again without pain and enjoy the simple pleasures like watching TV, going to a movie or driving a car.

The Back Vitalizer™ is covered by a 12 month warranty against faulty manufacture.  In the rare event that you do find a fault with the cushion manufacture, simply return it to us (with your receipt as proof of purchase date) and we will send you a replacement.  You will understand that we do not refund postage charges.

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