• King Island Colloidal Minerals - 200ml


Colloidal minerals supply the body with a wide range (over 68) of readily absorbable trace minerals, often lacking in today's diet. Colloidal minerals also enhance the availability of nutrients from foods, vitamins and other suppliments.

What are Colloidal minerals? They are minerals of a minute particle size, present in solution. This highly soluble state enables the minerals to be easily absorbed by the body's cells.

Colloidal minerals are created by plants, which absorb minerals from the soil and convert them to into a water soluble colloidal state. But because todays crops, vegetables, and animal feeds are often grown in mineral depleted soils, our food may be lacking in trace elements.

King Island's pristine location, topography and geography has led to the creation of ancient plant deposits, which contain a wide spectrum of minerals produced by nature in a natural balance.

A unique cold water process has been developed by King Island Produce to extract these colloidal minerals. No damaging heat, harsh solvents or acids are used.

King Island Colloidal Minerals - 200ml

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