• Chira Oil - 10ml
3.5% blend of pure essential oils in a base of jojoba oil, woven together with sound and colour vibrations to form a strong and protective ‘working’ oil. The ‘energy’ of the Master Chira is a component of this beautiful oil. For therapeutic use with CHIRON HEALING®  techniques, for meditation, or for pure aromatic enjoyment.
Cobalt blue bottle with dripolator top.

Chira Oil was used in ancient times by those who took the healing work out into the Aesclepian Temples. They used it for rejuvenation when physical reasons caused dis-at-easement within a person’s pattern.
The Chira Oil available today is not the full force that it used to be, as some of the ancient components are not available in the present time - and only those trained in the ‘AESC’ Brotherhood knew how to use them correctly. 
This Chira Oil can be used in an oil burner to replenish energy in a ‘run-down’ pattern, or directly into the Feeling Centre to ease nervousness, hyper-tension and nausea, and to aid recuperation from viral illnesses and other dis-at-easements from an outside source.
You cannot use too much Chira Oil - it will simply dissipate out of the etheric pattern.
Children will benefit from this oil much better than adults, because they are closer in Feeling Centre strength to when humans lived in “The Way of the Ancients’ than adults are at this moment in time.



Chira Oil - 10ml

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