About Chariclo

Our Company

We are a small company located in Ballarat, Australia. Our aim is to provide products and services to the general public, as well as those involved with the CHIRON HEALING® method of energy healing. Our products are suitable for anyone to use, and we supply to individuals, wholesalers, practitioners, teachers and students internationally.

All information about CHIRON HEALING® and the ESSENCES OF THE ANCIENT CIVILIZATIONS® has been channelled by the late Jan Thomas via her Spirit Guide, Master Chiron, who was known as the king of the centaurs in Greek and Roman mythology. We have chosen our company name - Chariclo - to honour Chiron's wife, a keeper of the ancient feminine Chrone energies. She spent her life in support and service of Chiron's great principles, philosophies and techniques, and spiritually and physically nurtured both Chiron and his students.

Our Products

Our products are unique in the marketplace.

They are of the highest quality possible and only pure and natural ingredients are used in our oils and essences. We avoid the use of potentially harmful components and use recycled and eco-friendly materials wherever possible.

All personnel involved with production are spiritually aware, and we take care to ensure they align with their particular tasks. We do our best to maintain a gentle and harmonious atmosphere around our products and take precautions to eliminate negative energies which may influence them. All of our items are clothed in a White Light protection before leaving our premises. We believe this ensures the spiritual integrity of each and every product.

Our Books

Our range of publications is small – but useful! Designed to inform, educate and support the general public as well as Chiron Healing® students, teachers and practitioners, we add to our booklist whenever we can. We keep our book prices as low as possible to make them more accessible to our customers.

(Please note that CHIRON HEALING® technique manuals are only made available to those attending seminars conducted by an accredited teacher. See our Links page for Seminars and Teachers.)

Our Return / Refund Policy

You must notify us within seven (7) days of receipt of goods if there is any inaccuracy or defective item. You may return any inaccurate, defective or damaged item within fourteen (14) days of delivery for credit, refund or replacement. If the fault is ours, we also cover return postage costs. Uninsured Item(s) damaged in transit are not our responsibility and you must contact Australia Post on 13 18 18 or www.auspost.com to make a claim in Australia, or your local postal service if you live in another country. Please be aware that a postal service will not compensate you for damages if the parcel has not been insured.