Essence Wholesale Terms and Conditions

N.B. Please register as a Chariclo P/L customer prior to sending a Wholesaler application. We need to link you to the Wholesale section if your application is successful.  Just go to the "Information for Wholesalers" page and complete registration.

1. Qualifications and Agreement:

Either -

You must be a currently accredited Chiron Healing® Practitioner or Teacher qualified by the International Association of Chiron Healers Inc. (IACHI)
You must conduct your own registered business within the healthcare industry 
and –
a) Have completed at least one "Essences of the Ancient Civilizations®" seminar with an IACHI accredited Teacher
b) Read and understand “The Essences of the Ancient Civilizations®” by Jan Thomas. (You may be asked to answer a couple of questions about the information in the book).
and -
You must provide an ABN (or overseas equivalent).
You must agree to these Wholesale Terms and Conditions.

2. Legal:

Concerning the retail on-selling of our products:
You must observe and comply with any State, Federal or International legislation which may apply.
You must assume all risk and liability resulting from the use of the goods sold on to any third party.

You understand that the products are not intended for, and must not be sold as, a cure or relief for any disease or ailment, and you agree not to promote them as such.

You accept responsibility for ensuring all products are within their ‘use-by’ date and accept that any loss of goods through the expiry of the 'use-by' date is yours.

3. All orders must be pre-paid:

Online orders may be paid via PayPal using your PayPal account, Credit Card or Debit Card. Orders are sent as soon as possible after payment has been received.

4. Minimum orders:

We do not impose a minimum quantity of products you need to buy at any one time. But do remember, it is more economical to purchase in larger quantities to save on freight charges.

5. Back orders: 

We do not place items on back order. Items that are temporarily out of stock are clearly marked “out of stock” in our catalogue. When the item again becomes available we remove the “out of stock” notice.

6. Shipping: 

Freight charges are added to your purchase at the time of ordering. Domestic and International delivery is via Australia Post, unless alternate arrangements have been made with Chariclo Pty. Ltd.

7. Returns and Claims: 

You must notify us within 7 days of receipt of goods if there is any inaccuracy or defective item, or if any item has been damaged in transit. You may return any inaccurate or defective item within fourteen (14) days of delivery for credit, refund or replacement.

Items damaged in transit - you must provide a picture of any good(s) damaged in transit, so that a claim may be made.  Please keep all packaging in case inspection is required by the postal service. N.B. Only items covered by postal insurance (extra cover) are eligible to claim a refund.

8. Reseller Prices:

As a wholesaler you must set your own retail price structure – it is against regulations for us to set your prices.

9. Advertising and Logo Use:

The following are registered Trade Marks, and they may not be used in any way without obtaining written permission from the owner of the Trade Marks, Cheironia, 1002 Lydiard Street North, Ballarat. Vic, 3350. Australia.

a) Our Logo - used with permission from Cheironia - see picture below.
b) The words “Chiron Healing®”
c) The words “Essences of the Ancient Civilizations®”

All of our products and publications are covered by copyright law, and may not be used, copied or reproduced in any way unless prior written permission is obtained from Chariclo Pty Ltd.

Any advertising relating to our products (including that on electronic media) must be approved in writing by Chariclo Pty Ltd prior to use, and must comply with these Terms and Conditions.


Chariclo Pty Ltd Logo
(used with permission from Cheironia)

I have read the terms and Conditions take me to the Application Form.