Chiron Healing®

CHIRON HEALING® is a method of energy healing which aims to restore balance and harmony to the subtle energy systems of the body (e.g. the aura). This is achieved by directing etheric energy through the practitioner's hands to positively affect those systems that may be out of balance due to physical, emotional, mental or spiritual reasons.

It is not involved with the diagnosis and treatment of any disease or illness, and does not claim to be a substitute for traditional medical treatment.

CHIRON HEALING® began in a humble fashion in Warrnambool, Australia, in the late 1970’s when a small group of health professionals and lay people began meeting on a regular basis to listen to and learn from trance medium Jan Thomas (formerly Trenorden, nee Reading) who was channeling information about the human energy field and its influence on the human body in health and disease.

During the next few years, information was accumulated and clinically tested by this group of people. It was soon realized that a valuable new insight into the workings of the human body in health and disease was emerging.

This new body of knowledge became known as 'CHIRON HEALING'®. As interest began to grow, it became evident that this was a method of energy healing that needed to be shared with the world.

Beginning with informal gatherings in homes, and then presentations in clinics and professional rooms, information about CHIRON HEALING® spread. Since that time, its principles, philosophies and techniques have spread to all parts of Australia and several overseas countries. As new information was channeled by Jan, it was tested, then taken out to the public in the form of a basic and then an advanced workshop format.

In following years, the demand for training and for official recognition of qualified CHIRON HEALING® Practitioners and Teachers increased, making it necessary to review the way training was being presented.  In 1987 the original Cheironia Pty Ltd company was formed (by Jan and another two Directors) to preserve Chiron Healing information in it's original form, and to develop formal teaching courses. In 1988 the Australian Energy School of Chiron (AESC) was formed and took over teaching and administration of all Chiron Healing® courses.  One of AESC's major aims was (and still is) to ensure uniform content and standards for all training courses, no matter where they are taught. It is the only school whose Teachers are authorised to teach CHIRON HEALING®.

On 20th May, 2000, an incorporated association for Chiron Healers was formed - the International Association of Chiron Healers Inc. (IACHI) - which gave the necessary legal structure to represent Chiron Healers, and is the official registration body responsible for accreditation of CHIRON HEALING® Practitioners and Teachers worldwide. The AESC School now functions under the auspices of IACHI.


Jan Thomas (7th October 1948 - 17th April 2011) was born with a true psychic gift. She chose to use her talents for the betterment of humanity. She is sadly missed, and we are blessed for having known her.

"It's not what you know or how much you know that is important, it’s who you are.”  Jan Thomas.